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Marcia's Expertise

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Marcia provides consultation and training to support International Humanitarian Aid Organizations in fulfilling their missions. To this end, she consults on organizational development, staff training and staff support. Working with trauma-exposed populations in conflict and post-conflict situations demands a high degree of focused compassionate action. Humanitarian aid workers may have little support in the field, yet need to be highly competent in devastating situations.

Over time, the cumulative and unremitting stress they face may wear down personal and professional resources and resilience. Ultimately, their beneficiaries will bear the burden of this unmanaged stress. Managed stress and training equates to healthier staff and better service for recipients of humanitarian aid.

Marcia provides the training necessary for organizations to provide support to their personnel in the field. Her commitment is that organizations enable their employees to mobilize their inner resources; moving from feelings of helplessness to finding connection and empowerment, greatly increasing job performance, overall efficiency and effectiveness, and personal satisfaction.

Development of Duty to Care Protocol for Humanitarian Organizations regarding sexual assault

Mentoring and Vicarious Trauma Debriefing for Aid Workers in high
risk environments

Trauma Informed Response

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Support for Humanitarian Aid workers
in high-risk environments, including disaster areas, war and post-war zones

Crisis Management

Understanding Trauma and PTSD


Marcia offers consultation and training in person and via Zoom, telephone, and/or email anywhere in the world.

Consultation and training fees are negotiated according to your specific organizational needs and requirements.

To discuss your organizational needs and how Marcia can assist you in fulfilling the mission of your organization, please contact

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