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21 | Epilogue


Last Wednesday June 22, with the posting of #20, WOULD I?, my memoir as I envisioned it is complete. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you who have come with me on the journey. To those who have read it, and those who have taken the time to encourage me, please know that I am deeply appreciative. Should any of you wish to contact me with questions or feedback, I welcome your input. You can email me at:

The vignettes posted in the memoir span many years. The earliest events are from my teenage years 6 decades ago, then events 3 decades ago, and most recently WOULD I? from 2004. The past 8 months of writing, re-writing, editing, and posting have made the work, and my past, come alive for me again. This sacred time has become its own journey. Most interesting to me, it has given rise to ideas for some additions I may want to make to the memoir. Future chapters, including “Conversations with my Mother,” “Revisioning Trauma,” and “The Personal is Political,” are taking shape in my mind. It's so satisfying that the birth of the memoir as complete suggests that there might well be more.

I’ll be taking a break from posting this summer - to ponder, read, enjoy, and enter the creative space to write more. Should I add some posts in the fall, I’ll be sure to notify you by email.

In addition to writing, I feel fortunate to be well enough, in my 78th year, to continue my private psychotherapy practice. The on-going contact with my clients keeps me connected, aware, and always learning. I treasure it.

Again, thank you all.

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