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09 | Sani's Poems

These are the heartfelt poems of a young Bosnian woman who, as a teenager, was a victim of the brutal violence of a war waged against her people, her community, her family. In the 1990’s she came with her mother and sister to the US, as part of the refugee resettlement program. The poems were written at that time. Since then, she has continued and expanded her education, created a career, and is raising two beautiful young children. Thank you, Sani, for surviving, thriving, and generously agreeing to share yourself in your poetry.

"I Saw It"

I saw the dark eating away

The earth

And Sun was shining in the dark

I saw people attacking each other

Man spilling man's blood.

I saw bloody tears

From mothers’ eyes

I saw it - my eyes were opened

With hearts that became stones

With tears that became stones

I wish I could close my eyes

Turning on the light

"A New Life"

Is there a time to go out

And build a future

Is there a time to feel

Grateful again

While the pain is still inside

To lose all that you had

Being left with something that you don't want

I want to see a better life

A better future

Full of freedom and courage

I hope one day

They will build a city, a special one

Where the streets will be straight and fair

There won't be any hatred among people

Who would, standing, smell love in the air

Buildings clean and well decorated

Sidewalks full of vigorous rushing crowds

And I would wait for that day

And I would wait for freedom to say

I like this life

Marcia with Sani's mother in California in the late 1990's. Sani and her sister, who were teenagers, along with their mom, were settled in the Bay Area as part of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program. Their father was resettled afterwards and joined them there.


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